September - Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

  • By Wayne Lennan
  • 21 Sep, 2017

The Importance of Regular Check Ups

If you are a man over 40, you owe it to your family to have a Prostate check up!!

"1 in 5" men will be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and if your father had it your odds are higher and if your grandfather had it, the chances are even higher .... "1 in 2"

So please get yourself checked !!!

Medical experts aren't afraid of the most commonly diagnosed cancer facing Australian Men - and you shouldn't be either...

Early detection remains the top priority for Prostate Cancer, but 40% of men fail to book in for an annual check up.

Staying vigilant is the key when it comes to tackling Prostate Cancer and, combined with the right research, it's a disease that experts believe will soon no longer be something that men die from, but something they live through.

Fast Facts:  Here's a few facts about finding, treating and recovering from Prostate Cancer

Get Screened -  Current guidelines recommend you discuss screening options, such as the PSA with your doctor from the age of 40, or sooner if you have a family history of Prostate Cancer.

Choose Your Treatment - Options Vary...  Talk it over with your family and doctor and decide what best suits your situation.

Rest and Recover - Recovery times differ, but you can help your body recuperate by eating nourishing foods such as vegetables and wholegrains.  Physical activity can also reduce feelings of fatigue.

Ask for Help - Experiencing cancer is an emotional time for everyone involved.  If you or your partner need assistance call the Cancer Council for advice or information on local support groups.

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