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  •   “Back in the 80’s you advised me to take out life insurance, which I did - who knew I would end up with Leukaemia? This has paid off enormously for my wife and myself…I am considered terminal and have claimed on the policy, allowing us to pay off our entire mortgage and other sundry debts. This is a huge relief to me not leaving my wife with debts” Andrew Smart

  •  “Without your help, we would be having a much harder time coping with my illness than we are…diagnosed with Wegeners Granulomatosis just 15 days after being accepted” Mike McBride

  •  “Thank you Wayne for your help during my wife’s trauma claim and the prompt payout…to receive this money at this difficult time has helped us enormously as we have been able to pay out our home and car loans, and put some money aside for future medical expenses” Ronald Hepper

  •  “I was diagnosed with cancer at age 48 – thanks to Wayne and his advice some years earlier, I was able to save my business from financial ruin during my treatment. This reduced the stress on me, my family and staff and allowed me to concentrate on getting better” Brent Tilse

  •  “I would really like to express my appreciation for your help and support when I was diagnosed with a life threatening disease…the calm and caring approach you took and the diligence you showed in the follow ups with the insurance company helped enormously” Nick Bayfield

  •  It is rare to encounter someone who genuinely listens to a person’s requirements, and then goes out of their way to provide the best personal service in the business” Jeff Hardyman

"Wayne was recommended to me by a friend who was aware that I was thinking on taking out some trauma cover following the death of my husband a few months earlier. His passing made me realise that I should cover myself as I am self employed, and of course we do not think of anything like this happening to ourselves but unfortunately it does. I phoned Wayne to set up a meeting and Wayne promptly attended by shop to talk to me regarding options and quotes.  
Everything was taken care of and each time Wayne made it all go very smoothly with no effort at all on my part. Self employed people are always time poor and therefore it is easy to overlook details and put off decision making in these areas. However within no time at all I was covered. Great to have personal service these days in a world full of Call Centres and being passed around all the departments. Well done Wayne." - Glenda

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