Financial Stress Is A Known Cause Of Suicide

  • By Wayne Lennan
  • 25 Aug, 2017

Injured workers to lose compensation benefits

I was listening to a member of Parliament who is looking into the increasing rates of suicide, and one reason he put forward for the increase, is due to changes in Workers Compensation.

He believes because worker's  are now not getting the same compensation when injured at work, this is causing financial stress and insecurity in families, and leading to an increase in the rate of suicides.


And that stress can be related to losing your job because of a sickness or accident.

Have a read of this article from the Sydney Morning Herald about thousands of injured workers facing the loss of their compensation benefits

Having a good financial safety net (ie Income Protection or Trauma Insurance) could help prevent financial stress.

If you haven't got that financial security plan, give me a call and let's get a plan in place or we can review your current plan.

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