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Way to often we encounter traumatic and very sad news of someone's health. It's a startling reminder we're not immune and tragedy can strike at anytime.  As much as we don't like to think about it, these things can mean loss of income, family care required, travel arrangements and endless bills.

Why not have peace of mind knowing you have the right cover that will service ALL your needs should the unthinkable occur.  There are many affordable options, that's why working with a Broker provides the helping hand to select the correct cover for you.
"Wayne was recommended to me by a friend who was aware that I was thinking on taking out some trauma cover following the death of my husband a few months earlier. His passing made me realise that I should cover myself as I am self employed, and of course we do not think of anything like this happening to ourselves but unfortunately it does. I phoned Wayne to set up a meeting and Wayne promptly attended by shop to talk to me regarding options and quotes.  

Everything was taken care of and each time Wayne made it all go very smoothly with no effort at all on my part. Self employed people are always time poor and therefore it is easy to overlook details and put off decision making in these areas. However within no time at all I was covered. Great to have personal service these days in a world full of Call Centres and being passed around all the departments. Well done and thank you Wayne." - Glenda Smith

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