Wayne Lennan

 A devoted financial-protection advocate, whose empathetic “man of the people” attitude, along with his expertly tailored financial protection and solution-strategies, ensures that he is always the client’s “personal life guard”
 A tireless, solutions-driven and relentless campaigner for family legacies, income and life protection
 A resolute, proactive, and resilient insurance champion, with exceptional financial acumen, who pre-emptively solves income and financial legacy issues for people at the worst time in their lives
 A relationship-development champion, with ability to strategise and execute risk-mitigation solutions and achieve long-term deliverables through financial planning products and services
 A highly organised, positive, balanced and independent thinking business person who implements a logical and analytical problem solving approach, ensuring optimal outcomes for all stakeholders

Compassionate ♦ Empathetic ♦ Sincere ♦ Authentic ♦ Fun-loving ♦ The Client Comes First
“Wayne throws you a lifeline, when life throws you a curveball” ♦ “Protects your greatest asset – YOU” 

Whilst at Insurance for Living 
 Client found that two weeks after putting insurance in place, he would be told that he will be totally blind, the blindness caused by a terminal brain tumour – both he and his family would now be able to be at peace during this heartbreaking time, knowing that everything was taken care of
 Positively influenced family man with 3 kids to take out income protection insurance despite his resistance, yet it proved to be a shrewd move, as he is now deceased and family is cared for
 Encouraged client (who wanted to cancel policy) to stay insured despite current good health, which was prophetic as client soon developed prostate cancer and could claim on insurance
 On reviewing client insurances from another provider, was able to save the clients $10K per year
 Co-authored a successful book “Ignite your Property Investment Mojo”  

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